The App library is a new way of organizing iPhone applications introduced in iOS 14. To find it, just swipe to the last page on the far right of the iPhone’s home screen.

There, you will see all applications organized in multiple folders. These folders are created based on the type of application you have, for example, you might see one folder for games, another folder for shopping, and another folder for ordering food.

How to use the App Library on an iPhone to find your apps

There are a couple of ways to open apps from the App Library.

  • Tap an app you see in a folder.
  • The App Library sorts all your apps into categories and shows you a preview of some of the apps in that category. You’ll likely see that some app icons are regular size, while others are smaller.
  • Tap a regular size app to open it immediately, or tap the smaller icons to open and browse through the entire folder.
  • Search all of your apps.
  • Tap the search box at the top of the App Library screen to search for the app you want. In addition, you’ll see an alphabetical list of all your apps.
  • You can scroll and tap the app you want to start it. This is a handy feature and is the best way to see all your apps.

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