Is it difficult to see the screen on Samsung Galaxy S20 FE? Whether you can’t read text messages, want to edit the font style, or need to add a magnifying glass, you can use the visibility enhancements of your phone.

These features will make it easier for people with visual impairments to see things clearly when reading articles, writing emails, or using mobile phones.


Colors and clarity
You can adjust the colors and contrast of text and other screen elements for easier

From Settings, tap Accessibility > Visibility enhancements and tap an option:
High contrast theme: Adjust colors and screen fonts to increase the contrast
for easier viewing.
High contrast fonts: Adjust the color and outline of fonts to increase the
contrast with the background.
High contrast keyboard: Adjust the size of the Samsung keyboard and change
its colors to increase the contrast between the keys and the background.
Show button shapes: Show buttons with shaded backgrounds to make them
stand out better against the wallpaper.
Color inversion: Reverse the display of colors from white text on a black
background to black text on a white background.
Color correction: Adjust the color of the screen if you find it difficult to see
some colors.
Remove animations: Remove certain screen effects if you are sensitive to

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