The Google Play Store does its best to exclude rough apps from the platform. But no system is fully proven. When it fails, there may be third-party applications that use your phone for malicious purposes-such as Speed ​​Booster, Clean Droid, or Antivirus Cleaner.

Although Google removed more than 700,000 malware-filled applications from its platform, new applications have sprung up to replace them.

So, here are some ways you can free up storage on your phone without relying on shadowy third-party apps:

1. Clear your cache

  • In order to clear the cache of a single app, go to your phone’s settings. Find the application manager and select the app you wish to modify. Within the app’s menu, select ‘Storage’, where you will find the option that says ‘Clear Cache’.
  • To clear the cache in bulk, your phone’s settings menu will have a tab that leads directly to ‘Storage’ where it lists out how much memory is being occupied by cached data. If you select ‘Cached Data’ the phone will ask you if you wish to clear the cache of all the apps on your phone.

2. Delete your downloads

  • Your phone’s default organization system will have a ‘Downloads’ folder. It can normally be found within ‘My Files’.
  • Anything you download while browsing the net, from documents to videos, is stored in that folder. Most items you only need once before you can delete them so, delete them.

3. Get rid of junk files

  • If you’re still running short on space and looking to clear up your phone’s memory, you can download Files by Google to clean up junk files. These are files that don’t show up in the cache or in your downloads but are still taking up space on your phone without serving any particular purpose.
  • Files by Google can detect duplicate files, highlight which apps are taking up the most amount of space, and suggest what can be removed from your phone without compromising on any of its operations.

4. Delete apps you haven’t used in a while

  • This may seem obvious but most users have over 100 apps on their phones, on average. Most apps haven’t been used since they were first downloaded. If there is an app that you haven’t used in weeks or months, maybe it’s time to take it off your phone.

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