One of the best things to happen to the internet is Google Chrome. Equipped with various features it comes pre-installed on Android phones. With more than a billion downloads on the Google Play Store, there are numerous questions that people usually come up with when it comes to using this platform.

Moreover, the first option is to lower the volume. It is not practical to do so every time you open the browser to surf the internet. Sometimes when you close the tab playing the sound, it prompts a pop-up window where there’s another sound playing. But there are far better options than simply closing the media or decreasing the volume.

Muting a Website Sound on the Chrome App

1. Launch Google Chrome on your Smartphone and open the site you want to Mute then tap on the three dots on the top right corner.

2. A menu will pop up, tap on  ‘Settings’ options.

3. The ‘Settings’ option will lead to another menu wherein you are supposed to tap on ‘Site Settings’.

4. Now, under Site settings, open the ‘Sound’ section and turn on the toggle for Sound. Google will switch off the sound in the respective site.

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