As users of a smartphone, we are very well aware of how precious and important our smartphone. It is so much mingled in our lives and has so much information about us that it won’t be an exaggeration if we call our smartphone an extended version of ourselves. So if the smartphone is our part and parcel we should take very good care of it.

Although you can start pampering your phone at any time of its life it’s better to be a caring possessor from day one. This article is meant for telling you some mandatory tasks that you should do to keep your smartphone safe and secure.

1. Check Mobile Phone for Physical Damage
Check your Smartphone and its accessories for any physical damage or tampering – As soon as you get possession of your new mobile you should check the camera lens, glass screen, adapter, charger, earplugging, and whatever accessories you have been given with your mobile phone.

If you find any physical damage at this stage you would be able to replace the phone with a new and good one. It doesn’t matter whether you have bought the product offline or online.

2. Charge Your Mobile Phone Fully
Fully charge your mobile for 8 hours before switching it on for use. They say that with Li-Ion batteries it is not anymore a compulsion but still it is recommended to go through this step for checking the battery life.

3. Read All the Instructions, Guide and User Manual
You should know all the specifications and functions of the gadget you are going to live with day and night. Even if you are an experienced smartphone user, it is a good idea to have a look at the little user manual. There might be something new in it for you.

4. Get a Back Cover and Screen Protector
Getting a good-looking back cover is a good idea as it makes your mobile phone look even more stylish. The back cover also protects the phone’s body from scratches and damage due to falls.

If you are buying a good quality smartphone, chances are that your phone’s screen will be equipped with tempered glass or Gorilla glass.

These high-quality glass screens are scratch-resistant and you do not really need a screen protector. However, if you’re not sure about the quality of your phone’s screen; you may want to buy a good quality screen protector to save the screen from scratches.

5. Switch On and Sign-in to your Google Account
Now that you have read the instructions, have fully charged your mobile, and also ensured its physical security you can now switch on your mobile. Most probably, you will have a SIM card — but even if you don’t have one, you can still do a lot of things with your SIM-less phone.

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