We know that most people who use iMac desktops or laptops are also most likely using an iPhone, which offers terrific integration with macOS.

But with the ‘Your Phone’ desktop app for Windows 10, Android users can get just as much continuity with their desktop computer, perhaps even more.

Steps to set up ‘Your Phone app’

  •  Go to the Settings
  •  Head to the phone section
  • Choose to Add a Phone,
  • While you also need to download the Your Phone Companion app on the phone, to set the connection and enjoy the bells and whistles of both Android and Windows.

After setup, you’ll be able to make calls, send texts, and instantly see and use photos from the phone on your PC.

Recent Samsung devices and the Surface Duo phone get even more possibilities with the Link to Windows option, including running multiple Android apps on the desktop in the ‘Your Phone app’.

If you’re not running Windows, you can get Android messages on the web—another capability annoyingly not offered by Apple’s mobile OS.

You can also run Android apps in an emulator on either Windows or macOS, but that route is not as convenient as Windows 10’s Your Phone


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