ColorOS 11 Tip: Here’s how to check RAM usage in latest Oppo smartphones

When we talk about the ColorOS 11 features, it has all the Android 11 goodness with its new revamped interface, including Oppo’s own features. However, we already covered almost all the cool stuff present in the OS.

Therefore, leaving its coolness here’s to check how much RAM is free and available on your Oppo phone, based on the latest version of ColorOS.

To check, a quick setting will allow you to see the free amount of RAM by heading to the Recent Apps menu.

However, if this functionality is not enabled, go to Settings -> Additional settings -> Recent tasks manager and turn on the slider Display RAM/Memory information for recent tasks.

That was all about this, if you want some more tips, tricks, quick shortcuts, gestures, and features, and if you like our stuff, do check out our previous posts related to other features of ColorOS 11 and various other smartphones OS.

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