As you probably know, when you pair a Bluetooth device with the best Apple Watch, all audio from the Apple Watch will pass through that device. Whether it’s headphones or speakers, you can enjoy audio with the equipment you need. However, before the latest version of WatchOS, Apple Watch could not recognize the type of device you added. It has been superseded.

Now you can categorize a Bluetooth device on your Apple Watch to find out what kind of device it is-whether it’s headphones, speakers, or even hearing aids. So now, when you go to see your favorite headphones on Apple Watch Series 6, you will know what they are. The following is how to classify Bluetooth devices on Apple Watch.

Why you should classify your Bluetooth devices on Apple Watch

Our AirPods Max review raves about just how great headphones can be on your Apple Watch, and one of the reasons it’s so great is because your Apple Watch can tell that the AirPods Max is a pair of headphones. Non-Apple Bluetooth headphones, speakers, and other devices don’t have the same chips to tell your Apple Watch about what type of device they are, and this causes your Apple Watch to treat all Bluetooth devices as the same by default.

If you correctly classify your Bluetooth devices on your Apple Watch, you should get improved audio notifications, and your headphone audio level measurements will be more accurate.

How to classify Bluetooth devices on Apple Watch

  1. Launch Settings from your Apple Watch Home screen.
  2. Tap Bluetooth.
  3. Tap the info button beside the device you want to classify. It’s the little “i” in the circle.
  4. Tap Device Type
  5. Tap the option you want from the menu. Your options are as follows:
  • Headphone
  • Hearing Aid
  • Speaker
  • Other

NOTE: You can reclassify any device at any time by following the steps above.


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