In today’s world where kids operate a phone with ease, it is necessary to restrict phone usage for kids. Oppo ColorOS 11 comes with a Kids Space feature that can be used to limit access to applications for kids, limit phone usage time, etc. It does a good job in charge prevention, system modification, and addiction prevention when your kids use the phone.

Besides, if your kid uses your phone for studies, you can enable this mode so that he/she won’t be able to use any other apps on your phone apart from the apps that you let them use.

Moreover, If it is installed, Kid Space mode will not display other applications on the smartphone except those that have been selected by the parents.

Here’s how to use Kids Space on your OPPO phone:

  • Go to Settings and select Privacy.
  • Under the Privacy Protection section, look for Kids Space and Tap on it.
  • Here select the apps that you want your kid to use and then tap on Enter.

You can also set a time for usage and even choose to turn off the mobile data. Your kid will not be able to any other app and if he/she wants to exit Kid Space, a password/fingerprint authorization will be required.


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