Signal has always been one of the emerging mobile instant messaging applications. It provides users with functions like WhatsApp and Telegram, as well as encryption and security features.

And, if you have started using the Signal app, you need to know some information about it, such as using Signal in dark mode, disabling automatic downloads, and canceling sending messages. Here, we will show you how to cancel sending messages in Signal.


How to cancel sending messages in Signal for mobile:

Please follow the steps below to delete or cancel sending messages in Signal.

Step 1: Start the Signal application, and then open the contact you want to chat with. You can also select any contact you can see on the “Chat” screen.

Step 2: Long press the message you have sent, and then click the bin icon as shown in the figure to cancel sending the message.

Step 3: Choose whether you want to delete or unsend the message for you or for everyone, select “Delete for everyone” to delete the message from the chat for everyone or the recipient.

Users will not be able to see the messages you send to them, but they will be able to see your deleted messages, which are shown in the image below.

Due to the uncertainty of WhatsApp’s privacy policy, some users fled to this emerging app. Signal’s signal security function seems to be legal, which led users to switch to the app. If you use the Signal app on your smartphone, make sure to check out more features by modifying it.

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