Here are steps to disable mobile video preview in Shazam

There is no doubt that the Shazam app is your go-to app for discovering music anytime, anywhere, which is really great.


When you find a song in the Shazam app, you will also see a video preview of some songs, which is a good addition, but some people may find it useless. Therefore, here is how to disable video preview in Shazam.


How to disable video preview in Shazam: To disable video previews in Shazam on your smartphone, please review the steps below and then do it on your mobile device.

Step 1: Launch the Shazam application on the smartphone.

Step 2: Swipe from the bottom (iPhone) or from the left edge to enter the media library, or just tap “Media Library” and then click the “Settings” gear icon.

Step 3: Swipe to the bottom, and then under “General Settings”, click “Video Preview”.

Step 4: Select Disabled to disable video preview in Shazam.

In this way, you can disable video previews in Shazam, and you can minimize data usage in Shazam.

To enable video previews of songs recognized with Shazam if you change your mind, just repeat the above steps and select “Enable” instead of “Disable” under the “Video Preview” settings.

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