Looking at the x86 processors in recent years, Intel has focused on building 14nm, the 9th generation Core has reached 5GHz, and the 10th and 11th generations have broken through 5GHz.

Previously, AMD has used TSMC’s 7nm process and frequently replaced the architecture, and it has been difficult to reach 5GHz. As per the latest news, AMD Ryzen 6000 “Warhol” processor is expected to break the 5GHz mark.


AMD Ryzen 6000 “Warhol” processor will use 6nm process, released in the fourth quarter of this year, using Zen 3 Refresh architecture, still using AM4 interface.

The AMD Ryzen 6000 “Warhol” processor is expected to reach 5GHz and provide a significant performance improvement.

With the Ryzen 7000 “Raphael” processor, this series will officially support DDR5 memory, using 5nm technology, IPC increased even more.



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