TSMC will increase salary by 5% of its employees this year

TSMC’s profit last year hit a record high. In addition to the board of directors’ approval of last year’s employee performance bonuses, remuneration, and dividends totaling approximately NT$69.5 billion, TSMC will also increase the value of all employees below the vice president. The salary of 5% is better than the average salary increase of 3% in previous years.

In addition, in order to attract and retain senior executives of the company, TSMC has decided to issue 2,600 new shares that restrict the rights of employees. Directors above the vice president and above will make structural salary adjustments. Future salaries and dividends will include stock rewards.

TSMC has approved last year’s employee performance bonuses, compensation, and dividends totaling approximately NT$69,511.64 million, half of which are employee performance bonuses that have been issued after each quarter, and the other half will be compensation and dividends to be issued in July this year.

If TSMC has about 50,000 employees in Taiwan, the average person can receive NT$1.39 million (about 320,000 yuan.), which is an increase of about 360,000 yuan from last year’s average. However, each person actually received NT$1.36 million. The dividend club depends on each person’s seniority and annual performance appraisal.

Moreover, TSMC will adjust the salary of its employees every year. In the past few years, the average salary increase for employees was about 3%, but last year’s profits increased significantly. In order to reward employees, TSMC will raise the salary of employees below the vice president by 5% this year.

Besides, TSMC’s annual revenue for 2020 will reach NT$1.339.255 billion (about 309.77 billion yuan), a year-on-year increase of 25.2%, and net profit will be NT$517.885 billion (about 119.787 billion yuan), a year-on-year increase of 25.2%. Increase by 50%.


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