NASA Mars helicopter “Wit” completed its second flight on Thursday. This time, “Wit” flew higher, farther, and longer.

At 5:33 on Thursday, US Eastern Time 17:33 on Thursday, Beijing Time, “Witty” took off automatically from the surface of Mars, and a burst of dust was stirred up during the ascent.

Besides, it reached a height of 16 feet (approximately 4.9 meters), then tilted 5 degrees, moved 7 feet (approximately 2.1 meters) to one side, hovered, turned to point the color camera it carried in multiple directions, and finally returned Departure point for landing.

Moreover, the flight lasted a total of 59.1 seconds.┬áDuring the maiden flight of the historic Mars of “Wiz”, it flew at an altitude of 3 meters and lasted a total of 40 seconds.



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