Lexus will bring a new electrified concept car LF-Z to the world premiere at the 19th Shanghai International Auto Show.

The LF-Z, an electrified concept car that debuted on the global line last month, had the world’s first real car display at this Shanghai Auto Show.


This concept car combines surging performance, unique design, and forward-looking technology. The relevant design and technology are expected to be gradually presented on mass-produced cars before 2025.

The LF-Z is based on a new pure electric vehicle platform. The driving experience is derived from LEXUS Lexus Driving Signature. Its technology and forward-looking concept completely demonstrate the Lexus Electrified vision that represents LEXUS.

Lexus’s thinking on the future of people-oriented life philosophy. Lexus said that the automotive industry is undergoing changes, and the “carbon neutral” vision and the Sustainable Development Goals set by the United Nations have become missions that all brands need to complete.

Lexus will face up to the challenge and create a new brand value that exceeds customer expectations. LEXUS Lexus has a clear vision of “carbon neutrality” and has accumulated rich electrification technology.

It is expected that by 2025, all models of Lexus will provide electrified versions, and the sales proportion of electrified models will also exceed that of traditional gasoline-powered models.

By 2050, the entire Lexus product line of LEXUS plans to achieve the goal of “carbon neutrality” throughout the entire life cycle, from the production of raw materials, components, and vehicles, to vehicle logistics, to the final recycling of vehicles.



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