Recently, the company Mobileye declared that Mobileye’s autonomous driving system Mobileye Drive has been commercialized. Mobileye Drive is Mobileye’s full-stack solution for future autonomous driving.

It can be utilized to support a series of autonomous vehicles (AV) including autonomous taxis (Robotaxi), consumer cars and commercial trucks, etc.


Mobileye Drive is a unique “turnkey” solution, which is based on cutting-edge autonomous driving technology, has passed road tests, and can be used for commercial deployment.

Mobileye Drive is specially designed for Mobility-as-a-Service (MaaS), Autonomous Vehicles (ADVs), and consumer-level autonomous vehicles, with strong safety, practicality, and scalability.

Mobileye Drive can help different industries navigate the wave of autonomous driving. The core of Mobileye Drive is Mobileye’s three-in-one solution that includes: Road Information Management (REM) high-precision map technology, rule-based Responsibility Sensitive Safety (RSS) driving strategy, and True Redundancy.

By looking at the true redundancy, Mobileye Drive integrates two truly redundant and independent sensing subsystems including advanced camera, radar and lidar technologies.

True redundancy: Mobileye Drive uses advanced visual sensing technology and combines two independent perception subsystems-a camera subsystem capable of providing full end-to-end autonomous driving functions and radar and lidar sub-systems with the same functions system.

Road Information Management (REM): Mobileye’s REM technology uses crowdsourced data from the mass market advanced driver assistance system (ADAS) to automatically build scalable and low-cost autonomous driving high-precision maps on the cloud, making Mobileye Drive™ It can provide precise navigation for cars on global roads.

Responsibility Sensitive Safety Model (RSS): RSS is Mobileye’s pioneering driving strategy technology. RSS can provide a formal model for Mobileye Drive to help self-driving cars make safe driving decisions.



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