The core module of China’s space station “Tianhe” is ready. The launch site is the Wenchang Space and launches Site in Hainan. The core module will be launched with the Long March 5B carrier rocket.

According to the latest report, the next launch window will be from April 28th to 29th, and the estimated launch time will be 11:40 am on April 29th, 2021.

Moreover, China’s Manned Space Engineering Office previously stated that China’s manned space project has fully transitioned to the orbit construction mission stage of the space station. This year, it will successively implement multiple missions such as the launch of the core module of the space station, cargo replenishment, and manned flight.

At the same time, the Long March series of rockets will be launched for the first time. The Long March 5B carrier rocket will launch the space station core module, the Long March 7 carrier rocket will launch a cargo spacecraft, and the Long March 2F carrier rocket will launch a manned spacecraft to enter the astronauts.


This is the first time in China’s aerospace history that multiple Long March rockets perform the same mission.



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