According to the report, Byte has established a music division this year. in ByteDance, there are four business groups involved in music that are responsible for different types of the music business.

A person in the music industry predicts that if Bytedance integrates its music business, the streaming music industry market will usher in new changes.


With the help of TikTok, TikTok Volcano, and Watermelon Video, the Bytedance music business will integrate broadcasting, publicity, and copyright operation.

ByteDance has been described as an “App Factory” by the outside world because of its explosive products in short videos, information consultation, education, free reading, and shooting tools.

A person in the music industry analyzed that the biggest advantage of Bytedance’s entry into music comes from innovative advertising and settlement systems.

And algorithm-based distribution systems, which will bring about price conversion strategies for the songs themselves.



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