Arm China has released the full-stack security solution “Shanhai” S12 for AIoT systems, including hardware encryption and decryption engines, security software, and security services.

The chip’s security IP layer to cloud security applications and security management provides full-link security protection. “Shanhai” S12 can be widely used in smartphones, tablets, smart TVs, and security industries, providing basic security capabilities for multiple security solutions such as digital copyright protection, AI security, and identity authentication.

Moreover, “Shanhai” S12 is independently developed by Amou China and focuses on matching CPUs based on Arm Cortex-A and Cortex-R processors. It can not only form a system synergy with the Arm security infrastructure but also support future Arm security architecture, which fully activates the capabilities of the entire Arm security ecosystem. Compared with the previous generation of “Shanhai” products released in 2019, “Shanhai” S12 has higher performance.

The hardware encryption and decryption engine support simultaneous access of up to 16 Hosts. It provides security support for multiple application scenarios and can provide security support for related devices. Scenarios where multiple operating systems run on one platform or multiple applications run on one operating system provide security protection.

Besides, the core module of “Shanhai” S12 is the TrustEngine-600 cryptographic algorithm engine, which supports international general algorithms and Chinese commercial cryptographic algorithms, which can better support the diverse needs of customers’ security services. TrustEngine-600 supports Arm TrustZone by default, and its algorithms and security capabilities can be flexibly configured as required.

In addition, customers can either use the random number scheme provided by Amou China or customize the random number scheme. “Shanhai” S12 also provides a wealth of software capabilities, including safe startup, safe debugging, safe burning, etc.

At the same time, “Shanhai” S12 can provide cloud-based device management and security upgrade applications, providing security components for OEMs and cloud service providers to quickly implement device management and firmware upgrades.



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