Apple has released many new products and new services, including new computers, paid audio content services, and tools for finding lost items. These moves indicate that Apple is expanding its traditionally simple product line, deepening into the lives of Apple fans.

New product:

Apple’s new products include AirTag priced at $30. This small piece of hardware can be attached to keys, wallets, and other items, and can be locked in position when items are lost. Analysts said that this product may be popular with consumers and further locks more than 1 billion iOS users worldwide in Apple’s product system.

Apple introduced a new iPad Pro tablet, using Apple’s own processor in the latest version of MAC computers. The tablet provides a keyboard or touchpad option, which can be a fully functional alternative to traditional laptops and desktop computers.

Apple also refreshed the MAC computer and introduced more color styles, even reminiscent of the chocolate color MAC launched by Jobs in the 1990s. It was the new MAC that saved Apple’s fate that year.

Apple’s new products released on Tuesday indicate that the company is expanding its hardware product line to lock consumers in the Apple ecosystem.


Apple’s newly launched MAC computer starts at US$1,299 and is equipped with a higher-performance front camera and microphone. This can be regarded as Apple’s response to some past complaints from Guofen. In the COVID-19 pandemic, the use of videophones is active, and some Apple users say that it is difficult to keep the MAC’s camera screen in sync with the iPhone or iPad screen.


Apple’s new version of the iPad Pro starts at US$700 and replaces the traditionally used upgraded version of the iPhone processor with the M1 chip configured on some of Apple’s computer models. The tablet provides more interfaces, which can be connected to the display or conduct 5G network communication, and the display performance of its configuration even exceeds that of an Apple laptop.

Analysts said that if integrated with Apple’s keyboard and touchpad accessories, the new iPad Pro will become a very competitive alternative to notebook computers, especially for content authors and business travelers. However, with these accessories, the overall price will reach $1,100, surpassing Apple’s cheapest notebook-the $1,000 MacBook Air.

Ben Bajarin, a consumer product analyst for the “Innovation Strategy” of a technology market research company, said that the new tablet launched by Apple on Tuesday is unlikely to become a high-volume hot-selling product. They are mainly aimed at focusing on diversity.

Audio service:

On the same day, Apple launched an audio content membership service that will compete with the products of Spotify, the world’s largest online music service provider. Many years ago, Apple popularized the audio content market (also known as “podcasting”) but did not make real money, and now the company hopes to revive this business.

In the past year, Apple’s stock price has risen 95%, surpassing the 63% increase in the Nasdaq Composite Index. The main reason for the stock price rise was that consumers purchased a large number of electronic products during the new crown epidemic, resulting in Apple’s 2020 fiscal year sales reaching a record $ 274.5 billion.

A single product of US$10 billion?

According to media analysis, the AirTag released by Apple may lead to a new round of criticism from congressmen about Apple harming small and medium-sized competitors.

About ten years ago, a small company called Tile started selling positioning products similar to airbags. Last year, the company testified before the US House of Representatives that the rules of the Apple App Store made it more difficult for users to use Tile hardware. On Wednesday, local time, the company will participate in a hearing held by the Senate of Congress.

Apple said that all software, including its own, must comply with the rules of the Apple App Store. In addition, the company has allowed third-party developers to access system resources like AirTag.

In a research report, “Raymond James” analysts Chris Caso (Chris Caso) and Melissa Fairbanks (Melissa Fairbanks) stated that AirTag may develop into a $10 billion product, Similar to Bluetooth headset Airpods.

“Innovation Strategy,” analyst Ba Jialin said that iPhone users may be accustomed to using AirTag to track personal items, which will further enhance the user stickiness of the Apple brand. “Even if it is a piece of hardware, if you buy more quantity, It will be harder for you to leave (Apple Eco).”



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