Ford EVOS officially launched with a Qualcomm Snapdragon 820A processor

The new high-end mid-to-large SUV Ford EVOS officially made its global debut at the Shanghai Auto Show. According to the official, Ford’s new intelligent technology carried by Ford EVOS is based on the FNV intelligent interconnection network architecture, focusing on creating a “know you” intelligent cockpit and a “more road-knowing” intelligent driving, and it will continue to be optimized with the entire vehicle.

Moreover, when the owner approaches the vehicle, Ford EVOS’s unique welcome sensor system “Wolong Wake” will automatically start, the head and tail lights will light up in turn, the grille will dynamically undulate like scales, and the hidden doors the handle pops out seamlessly from the door. After entering the cockpit and starting the vehicle, the ambient light and the large screen of the vehicle will automatically turn on.

As the core of the smart cockpit, Ford EVOS traverses the front cabin and is equipped with an ultra-wide-area huge screen with an overall width of more than 110 cm long. The ultra-wide area huge screen consists of a 12.3-inch high-definition instrument screen and a 27-inch 4K high-definition central control large screen. At the same time, the entire cockpit simplifies the physical buttons.

Officials said that the eye-catching giant horizontal screen in the smart cockpit integrates Baidu’s artificial intelligence technology and the domestic Internet application ecology “the best car for joint venture brands” SYNC + system has been upgraded to the second generation on Ford EVOS. SYNC+ 2.0 Smart Mobility Interconnection System is equipped with the current mainstream Qualcomm Snapdragon 820A automotive processor, providing high-performance, high-stability, and high-scalability in-vehicle computing capabilities and cloud computing platforms. It provides powerful AI functions and smooth card-free. The multi-tasking processing provides performance support.

The SYNC+2.0 Smart Mobility Interconnection System adopts Ford’s latest global UI design style, and the function distribution is more intuitive and concise. The design with a sense of “embossment” makes the touch screen experience more real. In addition, the gesture recognition function allows car owners to interact with the large screen in the car through simple gestures. For example, the music function will be paused if the gesture is “Hush”; the music will resume playing if the gesture is “OK”.

Thanks to Ford’s new intelligent electronic and electrical architecture-FNV intelligent interconnection network architecture, Ford EVOS is also equipped with vehicle OTA upgrade capabilities, allowing the user experience to continue to upgrade. Adopting a highly integrated system distribution design, as the “neural network” and “decision center” of the entire vehicle, providing high-speed and stable data transmission and processing for the application of the entire vehicle in terms of safety strategy, intelligent cockpit, intelligent driving and vehicle OTA Ability support.

Besides, Ford EVOS is equipped with the BlueCruise active driving assistance function-Ford’s world’s first L2 or above driving assistance function that supports “freeing hands”. It supports long-term quasi-autonomous driving on specific sections of high-speed and urban expressways to achieve automatic follow-up. The car and automatic steering ensure that the car stays in the center of the lane. In addition, Ford EVOS is equipped with a vehicle-road collaboration system based on cellular vehicle networking technology (C-V2X). The system currently covers specific road sections in Changsha and Wuxi. In the future, it plans to upgrade to smart transportation systems in more cities through OTA.


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