On April 20, market research organization Omdia released a report that Apple is becoming the largest buyer of OLED panels for smartphones, and the purchase volume in 2021 will reach 169 million. Among them, Samsung Display is expected to supply 110 million pieces, LG Display will supply 50 million pieces, and BOE will supply 9 million pieces.

According to the report, Samsung Electronics’ mobile phone OLED panel procurement volume closely follows Apple, purchasing 157 million pieces for Galaxy models, and Xiaomi ranks third. It is expected to purchase 67 million pieces in 2021.

In addition, among all brands and OEMs, Apple has the highest adoption rate of OLED panels, reaching 78%. Omdia’s previously announced data show that OLED panels will account for 29% of the total smartphone display shipments in 2020, and it is expected that OLED will account for 40% in 2021. This will make OLED a new smartphone display.

Omdia believes that the main growth drivers of OLED in smartphone displays are as follows:

  • Apple continues to use flexible OLED in the iPhone series, especially after iPhone12.
  • The Samsung Galaxy series continues to grow.
  • A large number of newly launched 5G smartphones have adopted OLED. The combination of 5G and OLED will become a must for most smartphone companies’ high-end models.
  • Because OLED has HDR function, high contrast, good color reproduction, OLED’s picture performance is better than LCD.
  • The OLED adoption rate of Chinese mobile phone brands is also increasing, whether it is rigid OLED or flexible OLED, such as OPPO, Vivo, and Xiaomi.
  • The OLED production capacity and shipments of mainland Chinese manufacturers continue to expand, leading to further declines in OLED prices and costs.
  • Transformable smartphones, especially folding, curling, and retractable phones will help maintain the high-end image of OLEDs.
  • The standards of OLED materials and driver ICs also contribute to the growth of OLED supply.
  • Product reliability and production yield are improved.
  • With the deepening of product differentiation, especially in the high-end market, especially Chinese manufacturers, most of the new models will be equipped with flexible OLED.
  • LTPO is different from the traditional LTPS backplane. With the introduction of LTPO, the power consumption of mobile phones can be further reduced.



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