On April 17, Ou Feiguang issued an announcement stating that it revised the 2020 annual performance forecast and performance report. The company is now expected to lose 1.85 billion yuan. It originally expected a profit of 810 million to 910 million yuan and made a profit of 5.1 billion in the same period last year.

Moreover, the announcement pointed out that because a specific customer plans to terminate the purchase relationship with the company and its subsidiaries, the company will confirm the asset impairment loss after performing an impairment test on the relevant assets.

OFILM issued an announcement in March stating that it received notification from a specific overseas customer that the specific customer plans to terminate the procurement relationship with the company and its subsidiaries. Subsequent companies will no longer obtain existing business orders from specific customers.

The announcement pointed out that the operating income of audited specific customer-related businesses in 2019 was 11.698 billion yuan, accounting for 22.51% of the total audited operating income in 2019.

Although OFILM did not announce the specific customer name, combined with previous announcements and rumors, the industry speculated that the customer should be Apple.



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