As reported, GAC Aion has been making continuous moves, successively introducing acupuncture-free ‘mag battery’ and the main young consumer AION Y.

On April 16, GAC Aian officially declared that all models will be furnished with ‘epic new skin’, that is, a new brand logo will be replaced.


After the full renewal, compared with the original “G” logo, the front of the car utilizes a brand-new “G” logo and adopts a high-brightness, flat and light design, which is more in line with the symbols of the digital age.

Along with this, the ‘G’ inner circle is also matched with a dazzling ‘AION Blue’ hue that demonstrates the identity of electrification and also implies the introduction of new life.

At the rear of the car, the words “GAC Trumpchi” on the left side will be replaced by “GAC Aian” to reflect the independent identity of the Aian brand. The word “AION” replaced the original “G” logo.

In the cockpit, the steering wheel is also renewed with the word “AION”. Along with this, the wheel hub, the vehicle interface, the welcome pedal, the central control armrest…the single model logo has been updated in more than 20 places.

It is worth mentioning that GAC Aian said that old car owners will replace the boot interface with a new logo through an OTA upgrade. This “new skin” not only looks more beautiful but also shows the independent identity of the Aian brand.

All of them are called ‘epic new skins’ because this will be a significant renewal in the “epic” of the development of the GAC Aian brand, marking that Aian has made another step forward in building a high-end smart electric car brand after the brand’s independence.

In the first quarter of this year, GAC Aian achieved cumulative sales of 17,649 vehicles, of which the sales in March reached 7032, a year-on-year increase of 103.4%, and a month-on-month increase of 116.5%.

In March of this year, GAC Aeon launched the magazine battery that made the industry’s first ternary lithium battery pack acupuncture without fire, redefining the safety standards for ternary lithium batteries.

The energy density of the battery pack equipped with magazine battery technology is 9.4% higher than the volume energy density of similar ordinary battery packs, the weight energy density is increased by 5.7%, and the cost is reduced by 10%.

While improving safety, it did not sacrifice battery life or increase costs. On April 10, the AION Y, the fourth model of the AION family, officially announced its pre-sale price of RMB 105,900 to 149,900.

The new car is furnished with magazine batteries and has a battery life of 600km. It is expected to be launched at the Shanghai Auto Show. GAC Aian will continue to accelerate product launches during the year, and many models including AION S., AION V, and AION LX will be released in facelifts and upgrades that are worth looking forward to.



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