Apple recently released the developer beta of its next iteration of the iOS 14 update which is iOS 14.5. This new update brings many changes and new features for iPhone users. One such change that we have encountered was unlocking your face using Apple Watch.

With the iOS 14, Apple allowed users to select third-party default apps for mail, browser, etc. and now this is also available for music apps. However, it is just limited to Spotify and we expect that other music apps will also get the support.

And now, Spotify’s desktop application appears to be rolling out for refreshed users and it brings a very simple feature with it: album downloads. The application temporarily supports downloading playlists to your computer.

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The update should make it easier to keep your library running if you want to continue playing music even when you’re offline. It is worth noting that this feature is limited to premium subscribers only – according to Spotify’s documents, free users are only able to download podcasts.

To Download an album the same thing as downloading a playlist, just navigate to the album page and press the download button. It should then be available whenever you go into line Offline mode. This should make it easier to manage your offline fly library if you have a very specific person about what you want to hear.

This update also includes tweets for desktop and web player appearances, as well as how playlist management works. You should see a screen that tells you that you have received an update.



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