There are rumors in the market that a certain series of low-end graphics cards may be completely discontinued. The main reason is that there is a global shortage of chips. It does not make much sense to continue to produce some low-end GPUs.

Nvidia prepares to Shift more production lines to the production capacity of other chips GT710 is expected to face a situation without chips after May. It is said that since regular traders will no longer be able to buy GT710 GPUs, and it is also difficult to buy GPU chips in the market, GT710 graphics cards of various brands may be completely discontinued.

Moreover, the world is currently facing serious core shortage problems, and because of chip problems, a series of subsequent semiconductor industry supplies are tight. It is reasonable for Nvidia to cancel the production of entry-level GPUs such as GT710.

But market rumors are only rumors after all, and they are still uncertain before NVIDIA’s official announcement. The NVIDIA GT710 graphics card was released in 2016 and claimed to have 10 times the performance of the integrated display.

Besides, it has a GK208 core, Kepler architecture, 192 CUDA cores, 16 texture units, 8 ROP units, but only a 19W TDP design, which is obviously better than that at the time.



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