CD Projekt RED has published another update for the fantastic RPG Cyberpunk 2077, which runs at number 1.21. This update contains dozens of different fixes that should reduce the number of bugs and improve the performance of this project.

Fixed bugs in the order “Warm, even warmer”, as well as in the tasks “Cyber ​​psychosis attack: Health at a discount”, “Old friends”, “Vandalism protection”, “Audience”, “Crime: Wastewater”, “Organized crime: Politics confidentiality “and many others.

Fixed a bug due to which policemen appeared behind the back of the player who broke the law on the roof of the building. We also fixed a bug due to which it was impossible to get out of the water using the stairs. Also, the incorrect display of the characters’ clothes has been fixed.

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Above the enemies, which are under the influence of the script “Distract enemies”, the icon is displayed again, the scanner interface is simplified. The developers have improved the memory usage algorithm, thereby reducing the likelihood of game crashes.



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