On April 10, at the 9th China Electronic Information Expo (CITE2021) held yesterday, TCL China Star showcased the world’s first 34″ 165Hz R1000 ultra-wide gaming screen and 27″ 480Hz R800 gaming screen.

According to the latest information, the TCL Huaxing 34″ 165Hz R1000 ultra-wide gaming screen has a 21:9 screen ratio and a 3440×1440 resolution, supports a high refresh rate of 165Hz, and the curvature of the R1000 product.

Besides, the TCL Huaxing 27″ 480Hz R800 gaming screen has a 480Hz ultra-high refresh rate and R800 ultra-curvature, and the HDR display has broken through to HDR1400.

Moreover, TCL Huaxing’s 85″ 8K 120Hz IGZO 1G1D display is the world’s first 85-inch 8K 120Hz 1G1D high-end LCD based on IGZO technology. The product uses 4mask IGZO backplane technology with a penetration rate of 4.5% and a contrast ratio of 5000:1.



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