Microsoft Edge browser developing its own label group Workspaces function

Chrome browser has a Tab Groups function, very easy to use for users who need to open a large number of web pages frequently, allowing users to reduce the confusion of tabs.

Besides, Microsoft Edge browser also developing its own label group function, called Workspaces. Similar to the tag group, the user will be able to create a workspace and add tags to it, and then access the tag group through the W icon on the far left of the tag bar.

However, unlike Chrome’s tag group, it seems that each workspace is more like a virtual desktop, rather than a simple way of grouping tags, which is likely to make this feature unpopular due to the high cognitive load required.

Furthermore, the advantage of Microsoft Edge workspaces is that unless the user explicitly closes them, the workspaces will automatically persist between sessions. This feature is currently provided in Edge Canary and is only open to some people.


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