AMD’s fifth-generation Ryzen processor R9 5900X has been released. This product has 12 cores and 24 threads, L2+L3 cache up to 70MB, base frequency 3.7GHz, acceleration frequency 4.8GHz, TDP 105W.

According to the latest news, the running score of the AMD R9 5900 processor that does not unlock overclocking was recently exposed on the user benchmark website. At present, two users have uploaded the running score information.

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The results show that the average multi-core running score of the R9 5900X processor is 9% higher than that of the R9 5900, and the multi-core running score after overclocking differs by up to 16%. The difference between the acceleration frequency of these two processors is only 0.1GHz, but the TDP is quite different. The R9 5900 is only 65W TDP.

The AMD R9 5900 processor has been released before, but it is only available for OEM manufacturers and not for retail. At present, only a very small number of hosts are equipped with this CPU, including Alienware Aurora. At present, the AMD Ryzen R9 5900X processor is priced at RMB 5,199, and the flagship model R9 5950X is priced at RMB 6,999.



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