YouTube and Facebook remain the most popular online social platforms in the United States. However, unlike YouTube’s popularity, Facebook’s rankings are no longer growing. These findings are contained in a report prepared from a survey conducted by the Pew Research Center.

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The share of those who use YouTube has increased from 73% (according to a survey conducted in 2019) to 81%. The Facebook indicator for the same time has not changed and is 69%. The authors of the report clarified that the survey covers only adult users.

Stabilization at a certain level is not unique to Facebook. Apart from YouTube, only one platform showed “statistically significant” growth over 2019. This is Reddit. The share of a news site, built on the principle of a social platform, increased from 11% to 18%.

However, the slowdown in growth does not mean that Americans have become less dependent on social media. Among Facebook users, 49% say they visit the site several times a day, 22% – at least once a day. For Snapchat, these figures are 45% and 14%, for Instagram – 38% and 21%, for YouTube – 36% and 18%, for Twitter – 30% and 16%, respectively.



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