Apple’s newly promoted senior VP may be the eligible candidate as next CEO

Although Cook’s 10-year Apple CEO tenure will expire in August this year, it is expected that he will work for another five years. Apple’s board of directors has already granted him corresponding stock options. But Apple’s CEO candidates after him are still attracting attention.

Several after Cook’s Apple CEO candidates, Apple is now paying more and more attention to potential candidates, including COO Jeff Williams and senior vice president of hardware engineering John Ternus (John Ternus).

In the selection of these two potential CEO candidates, Jeff Williams and Cook had many similarities in their experiences at Apple. Before succeeding Jobs as Apple’s CEO, Cook served as the COO for a long time, Jeff Williams The rumors that Si succeeded Cook to become Apple’s CEO have appeared many years ago.

Compared with Jeff Williams, who has been Apple’s COO for many years, John Tenus, who is listed as a potential candidate for Apple’s next CEO, has not been in Apple’s core management for a long time.

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John Tenus was appointed as the senior vice president of hardware engineering in January this year. His predecessor, Dan Riccio, transferred to lead a secret project in January as the vice president of hardware engineering. John Tenus, who succeeded Dan Ricchio, became Apple’s senior vice president of hardware engineering and became one of Apple’s core executives.

Although John Tenus, who was appointed as senior vice president in January, was a little surprised by being listed as a potential candidate for Apple CEO after Cook, he has been in Apple for 20 years and has been in hardware engineering for a long time. Leadership positions.

Judging from the information published on Apple’s official website, John Tenus joined Apple’s design team in 2001 and has served as vice president of hardware engineering since 2013. During his time at Apple, he was responsible for the hardware engineering of many pioneering products, including every generation of iPad, the latest iPhone, and AirPods.

After becoming Apple’s senior vice president of hardware engineering, John Tenus will report directly to Apple CEO Cook and lead all hardware engineering projects, including iPhone, iPad, Mac, AirPods, etc.

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