ASUS and Acer will increase price of notebook in Q2 of 2021 by about 5% to 10%

As per the report, the Chinese economy brought about by the epidemic has led to a surge in purchase demand, and notebook products are in short supply. Considering that orders are complete and the quotations of key upstream components continue to increase.

Acer and  ASUS will increase the value of notebook computers in the second quarter of this year by about 5% to 10%, marking the first substantial cost increase in ten years. This means that this wave of cost increases in the electronics industry extends from components to end systems and products.

According to industry insiders, in the past, consumer electronic products like laptops, in addition to adjusting their quotations in response to currency fluctuations in some markets “sneered without a price cut”, and now they can increase their prices against the trend, which displays that the market demand is quite hot.

Acer and ASUS continue to be in short supply of laptops at this stage. Chen Junsheng, chairman of Acer, said frankly: ‘Currently, Acer can only deliver one of three orders from customers, and the conversion gap is nearly 70%.’ ASUS currently has a supply gap of 25% To 30%.

Chen Junsheng believes that the PC demand is far greater than the supply, and the PC market will continue to grow this year. “In the foreseeable future, the supply will still be in short supply,” Acer emphasized that the adjustment of the quotation this time is to reflect the cost appropriately on the premise of the price increase of the components.

Regarding the price increase of notebooks, ASUS said that this raise is the first “significant price increase” in history. Other makers are also likely to follow up with Acer and ASUS for price increases on laptops.


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