On March 29, the Roborock T7S series of sweeping and dragging robots will be officially launched. On March 28, the last teaser image today, showing that the new product supports the automatic dust collection function.

In the past, conventional sweeping robots only placed one dust collection box in the cabin. Because of the small capacity, it was necessary to manually remove the garbage for several cleanings.

With the automatic dust collection function, the charging base is attached to a larger dust collection box. Every time the sweeper finishes cleaning, it will automatically suck the dust from the dust collection box into the dust collection box.

In this way, you only need to throw out the trash once a month, which is a must for lazy people. The Roborock S7 utilizes a sonic vibration mop to achieve 50Hz vibration that can vibrate 3000 times per minute, which can effectively remove dry stains.

After cleaning, the mop can also lift itself 5 mm to prevent dirty streaks from appearing on the floor. S7 is also furnished with a special carpet recognition sensor. When the sweeping robot touches the carpet, it will automatically lift the mop to prevent the carpet from getting wet.

By looking at the performance, Roborock S7 supports lidar navigation, with a maximum suction of 2500Pa, supports sweeping and mopping a 300ml water tank, and a 5200mAh battery.



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