QDC declared the release of a new generation of flagship headset Anole V14, equipped with ten moving iron four electrostatic hybrid unit, the price starts at 17,800 yuan.

After two years of in-depth research and development, QDC has launched a new generation of flagship headset Anole V14, unilaterally equipped with 10 new customized moving iron units + 4 EST electrostatic units.

The official state that thanks to the new customized low-frequency unit, the V14’s ultra-low frequency performance is better than the earlier flagship headset low-frequency indicators, achieving a new breakthrough in ultra-low frequency response.

The new customized EST electrostatic unit, on the basis of extending the ultra-high frequency to 50khz, greatly develops the sensitivity of the electrostatic unit, and solves the problem of long-term use of EST electrostatic unit earphones.

By looking at the design, the headphone panel is made of 3D three-dimensional fluorescent material that will change to a green light after absorbing ultraviolet light or sunlight. The shell adopts colorful fine flashing and laser gilt inlay craftsmanship.

V14 has a stronger tone color coding function, added to the 4-position tuning switch, to achieve 16 sound styles. The headset will be pre-sold online and offline on March 20th. The standard version is priced at 17,800 yuan, and the customized version is priced at 19,800 yuan.



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