Intel teases, Xe HPG gaming graphics cards will be launched on March 27

On March 19 Intel’s graphics card officially released a teaser video, showing information about Xe HPG gaming graphics cards. In the video, a piece of binary code appeared, in addition to a piece of ‘79.0731W’ text appeared.

This binary code and got an IP address: After the address was opened, the page of the Intel Xe HPG graphics card appeared, showing the date of the graphics card launch event. Click to open

Only 79W may be the power value of the graphics card, and 31W may mean the 31st week, which means that the Xe HPG graphics card will be on sale in the 31st week of 2021.

Intel has previously released the first discrete graphics card with model DG1 that is only available to OEMs. According to the news, the model of Xe HPG is expected to be ‘DG2’, which is a high-performance gaming graphics card.

And is expected to be equipped with up to 512 EU, 16GB video memory, and a frequency of 1800MHz. Intel Xe HPG will be launched on March 26, local time, which is 12:00 on March 27, 2021, Beijing time.

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