Lenovo will launch the Lenovo YOGA 14s standard version through a live event. Now the official has declared the full specification of this notebook.

The new YOGA 14s replaces Intel’s new 11-generation Core H35 standard pressure processor, and the rest of the configuration remains unchanged.

In terms of specification, the old i5-1135G7 has 4 cores and 8 threads, 2.4-4.2GHz, 28W TDP. The new i5-11300H has 4 cores and 8 threads, 3.1-4.4GHz, 35W TDP.

The mold of YOGA 14s supports the performance launch of CPU 38W. Lenovo released the YOGA 14s 2021 core display notebook in October last year, with 11-generation Core and AMD Ryzen 4000 standard processors available, and the price starts at 5699 yuan.

Later, Lenovo released the YOGA 14s 2021 independent display version, equipped with a super-large MX450 independent display, about a 28.5W performance release.