Xiaomi has launched a portable sports Bluetooth speaker overseas, with black and blue colors. The appearance of this product is a rectangular parallelepiped with rounded corners and a lanyard.

The product is wrapped with nylon mesh, supports IPX7 waterproof, strong and durable. This speaker is equipped with two speakers with a total power of 16W and a passive diaphragm on the back to improve low-frequency performance.

Two speakers support stereo audio, the effect is more realistic. By looking at the connection and control, there are rubber buttons on the side of the speaker for control, with independent buttons for Bluetooth, pairing, playback, and volume.

The product supports Bluetooth 5.0 and supports the use of two speakers to play the left and right channels separately to form a stereo to further improve the experience.

The product supports IPX7 waterproof levels and can resist mild rain and splashes. The product is designed for outdoor use, and the shell material is wear-resistant.

In addition, the product also supports AUX wired audio input, is equipped with a 2600mAh battery, and can last up to 13 hours at 50% volume . The speaker utilizes a Type-C interface to charge, equipped with a microphone to support voice assistant and call functions.

Xiaomi’s Bluetooth speaker is called ‘Mi Portable Bluetooth Speaker’ overseas, and it is currently available on the Indian official website. The retail cost of the product is about 312 yuan, and the initial discount value is 223 yuan.



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