Samsung developed its First High Bandwidth Memory with AI Processing Power

Recently, Samsung Electronics declared the development of an HBM-PIM (High Bandwidth Memory-PIM) that integrates artificial intelligence (AI) processing capabilities.

Samsung stated that the new storage processing (PIM) architecture introduces powerful AI computing capabilities in high-performance storage, helping to accelerate large-scale processing in data centers, high-performance computing (HPC) systems, and AI-enabled mobile applications.

HBM-PIM (High Bandwidth Memory-PIM) refers to HBM (High Bandwidth Memory) and PCU (Programmable Computing Unit) that can process calculations in memory to decrease data movement between CPU and memory, and improve system performance and decrease energy consumption.

PIM (Processing-in-Memory) in the memory uses the next-generation new concept fusion technology to increase the processor functions required for in-memory operations. Each storage area in the memory is equipped with a programmable computing unit (PCU) to achieve parallel processing and minimize data movement.


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