New Apple patent shows terahertz radiation sensor technology for painless blood sugar monitoring

Apple Watch already has a series of health-related functions, including heart rate monitoring, blood oxygen monitoring, fall detection, sleep monitoring, etc. Now, the latest news indicates that the company is developing a new feature, which may be added to the upcoming Apple Watch Series 7.

It is said that this new function is blood glucose monitoring. A series of new patents from Apple indicate that the American technology giant is preparing for a new terahertz sensor for non-invasive glucose monitoring. According to the report, the company has registered four patents in the United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO).

Although none of the patents give hints about glucose or Blood Sugar monitoring, all of them demonstrate absorption spectroscopy technology on electronic devices for glucose monitoring.

The patent includes one major patent, namely “THz spectroscopy and imaging in a dynamic environment, and enhanced performance through the use of environmental sensors.” The other three are subject to changes. All these patents use electromagnetic waves as part of the system.

It remains to be seen what Apple’s upcoming Watch Series 7 will bring this year. If glucose monitoring is part of the watch, how accurate it will be. In related news, glucose monitoring will be part of the upcoming Apple and Samsung watches, and Korean media has leaked the news.


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