Epic Game Mall 2021 Game Show Special Sale Event has started, and end on February 26th

The Epic Game Mall 2021 Game Show special sale has now begun. A type of game masterpieces are on sale, and new games are also announced.

The sale will end on February 26th, with game discounts ranging from 10% to 20%. In this special sale, ‘Cyberpunk 2077’ is sold at a 10% discount at the current value of 38.7 US dollars that is approximately 249 yuan.

The classic game ‘GTA 5’ is sold at a 50% discount, and the current price is 9.99 US dollars, which is approximately 64.5 yuan. Red Dead Redemption 2’s current value is about 151 yuan, and the ‘Star Wars’ series of games also carry 40%-60% promotion.


The game ‘Death Stranding’ currently carries a 40% promotion, priced at US$25.19 that is approximately RMB 162. This game was developed by Kojima Productions and published by Sony Interactive Entertainment.

The game world view of ‘Death Stranding’ is set in the sci-fi future world. An event called ‘Death Stranding’ occurred in this world that led to the existence of a strange celestial phenomenon called ‘time rain’ in this world.

Organic organisms will age rapidly, and a strange organism called BT appears on the surface, threatening human life. In this special era, all human beings on earth have moved underground or far away from urban life.

The whole world is falling apart, and the original human countries and polities are almost on the verge of collapse. Sam Bridges must bravely face the world beyond recognition due to death stranding. Holding the remaining fragments of hope, embark on a journey to slowly rebuild the world that has fallen apart.


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