The sales of the Vivo X60 series have continued to rise since its release. Among them, the big camera lens X60 Pro+ of the Vivo X60 series was sold out in all channels on the day of its first sale, while the X60 and X60 Pro also launched a panic buying boom in online and offline channels.

The biggest highlight of the Vivo X60 series is that it is equipped with the Vivo Zeiss joint imaging system. On the other hand, the Vivo Zeiss joint imaging system recreates the spatial depth and spot model.

The Vivo X60 series reproduces the dreamy rotating blur effect of the classic Zeiss Biotar lens. In the entire Vivo X60 series, there is still an X60 Pro+ camera lens option. It innovatively uses a dual main camera system, a super outsole, and a second-generation micro-head.

Compared with the X50 series, users don’t need to consider the choice between super-outsole and anti-shake, only one X60 Pro+, clear night scenes, and wide-angle stability are all done. In order to echo the upcoming Spring Festival, the new Spring version of the Vivo X60 series OriginOS is being pushed.

Compared with the previous OriginOS operating system, OriginOS New Year Edition focuses on a strong festive atmosphere. In addition to the atomic component update, new spring flower behavior wallpapers are added, and festive elements such as koi, winter plum, and magpie appear in turn, which can create a New Year atmosphere for users.

The Super Card Pack has also added new Spring skins for payment cards and lens cards, with the new year version of the off-screen clock and the new year red envelope color matching, pushing the festive atmosphere to a climax.

Among the sales of Vivo X60 series products, X60 Pro+ has the most eye-catching performance. On the day of its first sale, it won today’s headline model popularity ranking, headline digital ranking champion from January to February.

And Jingdong Android mobile phone 5K-6K price segment sales & sales double Champion, Tmall Android phone 5K-6K price segment sales & double champion, Suning Tesco’s Android phone 5K-6K price segment sales, double sales champion, and other laurels. Along with this, the first sales of Vivo X60 Pro+ expanded by 369% over X50 Pro+.