ASUS Lingyao X dual-screen laptop is now available on The pre-order will be made and it will be officially released at 20 o’clock on February 3.

The upgraded ScreenXpert 2 software of the new Lingyao X dual-screen notebook integrates a series of innovative applications that can better support the ScreenPad Plus touch screen, and increase productivity again.

Such as the new Windows pop-up function allows you to drag content between multiple windows at will, and the task group application is further optimized.  It is more clear when browsing a task group, and multiple applications can be released with one click.

ScreenXpert 2 also brings a new control center that can provide users with more precise and intuitive operation methods, with direct controls to adjust brush size, color saturation, layer opacity, etc.,

Including control dials, buttons, sliders, and Four types of controls such as scrolling. Each control has a separate control method and can be used in conjunction including Adobe’s professional creation software to improve the user’s creative efficiency.

The Lingyao X dual screen is furnished with a new 11th generation Intel Core processor. It uses a low-power architecture that combines outstanding performance with amazing visual effects.

The model furnished with the Iris Xe core graphics card has also passed the strict Intel EVO platform certification. Lingyao X dual screens can also be furnished with NVIDIA GeForce MX 450 discrete graphics cards to meet the performance requirements of seamless interaction between dual screens and easily achieve cross-screen collaboration.

Lingyao X dual-screen Pro utilizes NVIDIA GeForce RTX 3070 discrete graphics, supports NVIDIA Studio technology, and has more powerful performance.



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