Huawei Pollen Club event, He Gang declared the ‘My Huawei’ App, which will be released soon. the ‘My Huawei’ App integrates the original independent apps such as the Pollen Club, Huawei Services, Game Skills, and Member Center.

Prior to this, Honor’s newly released V40 series had already been pre-installed with the ‘My Honor’ Aphonorsp.

According to the Huawei Developers Alliance, this afternoon the Huawei Pollen Annual Conference will also announce some new technologies in conjunction with the “Tianyu” mobile game.

The game uses the ray tracing technology of the Huawei HMS Core Scene Kit, which is different from the traditional screen space reflection. It can produce more realistic physical real light and shadow effects on irregular objects and can maintain a stable higher frame rate and lower power consumption increment.



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