BMW announced, it will launch Digital Key Plus, based on ultra-wideband technology: Equipped with iPhone U1 chip

Lately, BMW declared that it will release the Digital Key Plus, which permits users to safely unlock and start the car without taking out their mobile phones.

The key will be the first to be adapted to the pure electric medium and large SUV BMW iX, and this model will be launched in China later in 2021.

By looking at daily use, the biggest advantage of this technology is that when car owners walk into the vehicle, they no longer require to put their smartphones near the door handles.

As long as the smartphone is in their pockets, the vehicle will automatically recognize and unlock, even if they encounter Even when holding heavy objects and unable to reach out, you can drive easily, which improves convenience.

As per the report, the digital key Plus function is based on the ultra-wideband (UWB) technology furnished with the iPhone U1 chip. This is a short-distance, high-bandwidth digital radio technology characterized by accurate positioning and extremely high security.

The ultra-wideband technology eliminates relay attacks, prevents radio signals from being intercepted or interfered with, and improves the safety of daily use.

Along with this, Apple and BMW are also working closely with the Car Connectivity Council (CCC) to establish a digital key specification 3.0 based on UWB to provide a global standard for the automotive industry.

It is worth mentioning that, in addition to the digital key Plus function, BMW officially released the eight-generation iDrive operating system before, and this series will be the first to be carried on the BMW iX in the future.

The new generation of iDrive uses 5G technology for the first time, and its data processing capacity is 20 times that of current vehicles.

It is understood that BMW iX is positioned as a medium and large pure electric SUV, equipped with the fifth-generation eDrive electric drive system, front and rear dual motors, with a combined maximum power of 368kW and an acceleration time of fewer than 5 seconds from 100 kilometers.

The car is furnished with a 100kWh power battery pack and has a cruising range of over 600km under WLTP conditions.


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