Foxconn Shenzhen factory is about to enter first stage of iPhone 13 proofing

According to the report, it was learned from people familiar with the matter that some workshops of the Foxconn Shenzhen factory are about to enter the first stage of iPhone 13 proofing.

proofing is generally divided into design modules, corrections, finalization, and mass production. It usually takes 9 months from proofing to mass production. Apple usually holds new product release conferences in the fall to officially launch a new generation of iPhone.

In early January, Japanese website Mac Otakara quoted sources in China’s supply chain as saying that Apple is supposed to release four iPhones in 2021, of which iPhone 13 and iPhone 12 will be roughly the same in design, with little change.


Mac Otakara pointed out that the height and width of the four iPhones are expected to remain the same, but the thickness may increase by about 0.26 mm. It is expected that the TrueDepth camera on the front will ‘become shallower’ and that all iPhone 13 models The size of the rear camera unit will increase by 0.9 mm.

Additionally, a supply chain report pointed out that Apple will be equipped with LiDAR lidar for the entire iPhone 13 series this year, not just the ‘Pro’ model. Apple has signed an agreement with Sony to guarantee that LiDAR lidar will be used in the iPhone at least before 2023.


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