Apple is negotiating with Hyundai Motor Group on production of Apple cars

According to the report, Apple is negotiating with Hyundai Motor Group about Apple Car production in consideration of the large cost of automotive technology and production facilities to jointly produce electric cars and develop car batteries.

Within the Hyundai Motor Group, the review has been finished. Today, Hyundai Motor confirmed to CNBC (American Consumer News and Business Channel) that it is in talks with Apple.

‘We know that Apple is in discussions with various automakers around the world, including Hyundai Motors. Since the discussions are still in the early stages, no decision has been made yet.’

The ‘Apple Car’ report published by Bloomberg earlier yesterday said that the work on the project is still in the early stages, ‘far from reaching the production stage’ and that Apple Car needs at least five to seven before it is released. Years of preparation time.


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