Today, iQOO officially announced that iQOO 7 will be equipped with a ‘Monster Engine dual-line motor’. Yesterday iQOO announced the ‘Monster Touch screen dual control pressure sensors’, iQOO 7 will have a new and true immersive gaming experience.

It can be seen from the official information that the ‘Monster Engine dual-line motor’ used in iQOO 7 refers to a linear motor on both the left and right sides of the fuselage under the horizontal screen holding state to form a dual-line performance. motor.

With dual-line motor support, iQOO 7 can gain the left and right vibration results separately in the landscape holding scene, solving the problem of uneven vibration caused by only one linear motor in the body.

A bit similar to the dual speakers of a smartphone, now the vibration can also be stereo balanced.

When the user is playing games through the dual-control pressure-sensitive function of the screen, the dual-line motor can make the vibration feedback of the operation more real and clear, with a sense of direction.

In addition to sound, players can also use real vibration effects to more accurately distinguish between left and right.

Additionally, with the independently controllable dual-line motor, iQOO 7 can also achieve combined vibration in complex game scenes, thereby creating a more realistic vibration effect, and the vibration experience will be more diverse and satisfying in more scenarios. demand.

In addition to the operation experience part mentioned above, the official has announced some configuration information of iQOO 7.

iQOO 7 will be furnished with the Snapdragon 888 chip, and the enhanced version of LPDDR5 and the enhanced version of UFS 3.1 will form a ‘performance iron triangle’. The powerful performance combination can easily meet the needs of games.

In terms of other configurations, iQOO 7 will be furnished with 120W ultra-fast flash charging as standard, and the official said that the phone can be charged to 100% within 15 minutes.

iQOO 7 will also use a 120Hz high refresh rate AMOLED screen to bring a smoother visual experience.

Judging from the currently exposed configuration information, iQOO 7 not only has powerful performance but also has the blessing of “Monster Touch dual-control pressure sensing” and ‘Monster Engine dual-line motor’, I believe it can bring a very good gaming experience.

iQOO 7 will be officially released on January 11, friends who especially like to play games can pay attention to it, it is worth looking forward to.



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