Inventory of Intel and AMD in 2020, there are many perspectives, such as products, sales, revenue, word of mouth, etc. Of course, they are all mature companies, and they can also be examined through stock market performance.

CNBC’s statistics show that AMD’s stock price has risen by 96.64% in the past year (the end of the year vs. the beginning of the year), outperforming the market. Intel was a little embarrassed, and its stock price fell by 18% at the end of the year from the beginning of the year.

In the same year, the average increase of the S&P 500 index was 15%, and Intel’s performance was indeed unsatisfactory.

It’s no wonder that the CEO of Three-Point, which invested US$1 billion in Intel stocks not long ago, stepped up and asked Intel to reorganize its strategic decisions, divest its wafer manufacturing business, and focus on chip design, in order to better fight AMD and Apple, Samsung and other companies.



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