Epic Games confirms high CPU usage bug among concerns over its Games Launcher App

Epic will give out a free game every day. If you want to experience it after receiving it, you will naturally download the Epic client. To put it simply, some players find that when the Epic Games Launcher (EGL) launcher is running in the background, it will eat resources even when it is idle, causing the CPU processor temperature to become too high, especially for Ryzen.

HotHardware measured that the temperature of Ryzen 9 5950X could drop by 22.5℃ after closing the EGL process. Not only that, Epic Games Launcher will frantically communicate with multiple host servers when it is idle, and the traffic scale is not small.

In response, Sergey Galyonkin, director of distribution strategy at Epic Games, responded to the Reddit AMD sub-version and personal social platforms, confirming that the above problem is a BUG, ​​and the team is preparing to fix the patch.

I don’t know when the patch will go live. It’s intriguing that a netizen pointed out that the problem of Epic secretly occupying CPU resources began in 2015. Only recently has it caused an uproar. Some players ridiculed it, perhaps because the mining program is built-in.


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